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Set Paint Brushes

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Pack – Dual paint brush
Perfect For Acrylic/Oil nail Art
Suitable for professional and home use.

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In stock

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Set Paint Brushes – 3 double painting brushes

Package include:
1x Paint brush Flat + Angle.
1x Paint brush Ombre + Gradient.
1x Paint brush Round + Filbert.

Flat Angle Shape

Paint Brush Specifications

These professional paint brush are the perfect solution to improve your design.

Ombre Gradient Shape

Paint Brush Specifications

The dual brush is ideal for acrylic painting, oil painting nails and many others purpose.

Round Filbert Paint brush

Paint Brush Specifications

Perfect Size! These can be stored in your bag (perfect for individuals who are always on-the-go) or can be stored at home or salons for everyday use
Hair Material: Nylon

How to maintain:
– Never let any paint dry on brushes.
– For non-oily paintings after use, rinse immediately with warm water.
– After washing, the brush will be erected in the direction and placed in a cool and dry place, and let the brush airing.
TIPS: If deformed, dip a small amount of warm water, and straighten out the shape with a finger, it can be restored to the original state.

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Dimensions 4 × 1 × 1 in
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