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Pastel Collection Rubber Base

In stock

Pack of 6 Colors
Suitable for professional use only
Prevent scratches and chipping on your natural nails


In stock

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Pastel Collection Rubber Base – More thick and durable than our regular Base Coat
Package included:
1x Rubber Base #283
1x Rubber Base #285
1x Rubber Base #286
1x Rubber Base #287
1x Rubber Base #290
1x Rubber Base #291

The Base Rubber is used to cover nail imperfections and give volume to weak and thin nails.Thanks to its rubberized texture, it improves the adherence of the colored enamel and gives it flexibility, therefore, it improves the manicure durability.Recommended for short nails

For professional use, this product increases nail adhesion and makes nails stronger. You will have longer nails that will not break. The top coat adds shine to the nails and prevents abrasion.
Long lasting, 21 days and more, but it is recommended to do a new manicure every 3 weeks. No scratches, chips or stains.
Large volume, 0.5 fl oz large capacity, which allows you to use this product for a longer period. It is very convenient for Nail Tech.
Non-toxic and healthy, natural resin ingredients, no harm to the skin.

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La Base Rubber se utiliza para cubrir imperfecciones de las uñas y dar volumen a las uñas débiles y delgadas. Gracias a su textura engomada, mejora la adherencia del esmalte de color y le aporta flexibilidad, por tanto, mejora la duración de la manicura. Recomendado en uñas cortas
Un gel a base de caucho es una capa base para pulir en gel que tiene una naturaleza extra elástica y flexible. Esta flexibilidad adicional permite que sus manicuras se flexionen y se doblen con sus uñas naturales en lugar de trabajar contra ellas. Y lo que es más importante, también hacen que las uñas sean más flexibles, lo que significa que se doblarán y no se romperán fácilmente.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 1 in
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